Sale and delivery terms

  1. Acceptance of the order:
    The award of the contract is at the same time recognizing the following sales and delivery, even if the Purchaser other conditions should be imposed. A transaction is not concluded until our written order confirmation. We reserve the right to refuse orders and orders without giving reasons. In the latter case by the buyer as deposit will rückerstattet.Eventuelle verbal agreements are only legally binding if they were confirmed by us in writing. Cancellations put our agreement forward, and
    Costs, which until then are we grow up, we have to be reimbursed. Our offer is valid for 30 days.
  2. Delivery time:
    The promised by prime foresight deliveries are made as promptly as possible, but are not binding. In etwaigem delivery delay compensation claims are excluded any kind. Moreover, it requires an appropriate grace period due to force majeure, difficulties with the procurement of raw materials, operational disruptions, strikes or lockouts at the delivery works or their suppliers. Reference restrictions etc. relieve the supplier for the duration of the obligation to deliver. Is the elimination of these obstacles is not possible within 8 weeks, the supplier is entitled to rescind the contract. All ordered goods, completed on time, which will go to our camp store, from the day of the agreed delivery date to uninsured at the expense and risk of the purchaser. 
  3. Prices:
    The prices quoted by us are not cartelized, non-binding set the calculated daily of the transaction on the basis of existing wages and material costs
    Prices. The adjustment shall be made at the rate applicable on the date of delivery or installation prices, regardless of the date of the order
  4. Complaints and transport damage:
    Justified complaints due to lack of parts, visible defects are considered if they are either charged immediately upon receipt of the goods or within 8 days after receipt of the consignment in writing. Any transport damage must be applied already at takeover by either railway official protocol or by recording a protocol with the main feed for the purpose of filing claims, as otherwise any liability obligation is rejected 
  5. Payment:
    Unless otherwise agreed as of invoice within 14 days net. For when placing the order made by the Purchaser payment is done separate receipt. All other payments must be made to our society on one of the announced accounts. The withholding of payments due to any reduction or counterclaims, etc. is excluded.
  6. Default of payment:
    We reserve the right to rescind the contract in whole or in part with respect to the pending order, if we learn of circumstances in the economic circumstances of the purchaser are known after order confirmation, no longer make our demands appear sufficiently secured. At Target, we are entitled to charge without prejudice to further rights, default interest at the normal height.
  7. Retention of title:
    The goods remain our property until full payment of the applicable purchase price and all ancillary claims. The buyer has the obligation to maintain during the period of retention of the purchase item in a proper condition. In the case of processing unserere products we acquire through their processing to the resulting products, in proportion of the delivery value of our products to the newly created product. Resellers we allow revocable resale in the ordinary course of business. This right expires in the event of cessation of payments. If our property is seized, so the buyer has to make us forthwith by registered mail message. Delays in payment entitles us at any time to collect the goods.
  8. Warranty declaration:
    We are liable for normal use and normal conditions by 3 years, for electrical. Parts 2 years from the date of handover to constructive faults and defects in manufacturing. For we are not self-generated parts we are not liable, however, are willing to cede to us the same producer is entitled on account of the defect claims to the purchaser. A prerequisite for the use of the guarantee that the applicable payment terms have been complied with and that we will be informed timely and accurately via a damage that has occurred, so that we can clarify the cause.
  9. Place of performance: Vienna
  10. Jurisdiction: Vienna
  11. Technical values:The stated in our brochures and technical documents weights and measures are approximate and are therefore not guaranteed. Design modifications, in construction and in terms reserved to sample submitted. The information in the descriptions on performance, weights, operational costs, etc. are to be regarded as approximate informat